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Address:Room 407, No. 998-1000, Anling Road, Huli District, Xiamen, China


Contact to:Ivy Chen

Tel:+86 592-5611720

Fax:+86 592-5611721

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Sinocharm Goal
Top Quality, Perfect Service
Excellent Talent, Great Corporation

Sinocharm Tenet
Natural Foods, Healthier Life


The three "P" focuses of Sinocharm: prominent quality, professional service, perfect team:
To create the world first-class brand, we pursue the prominent quality.
To create the customers' maximum benefit, we pursue the professional service.
To grow together with all staff, we pursue the perfect team.


Symbolic Meaning of Our Logo
1. The main color "green" symbolizes health and nature.
2. The shape of sphere means harmonious and steady development of all staff and enterprise, to realize global industrialization management.
3. The design of "S" stands for SINOCHARM. And the design of "S" likes the beak of an eagle, which symbolizes brave, power, eternity. Although we are a young team, we have the spirit of eagle — striving and fighting. We go toward the future like a soaring eagle. 


Origin of the Chinese Name "zhongjiafu": "Jia" symbolizes truth, goodness and the beauty; "Fu" stands for happiness and harmony.
Our slogan is: following Chinese virtue and creating excellent brand.
Our mission is:  to provide natural, healthy and safe foods. Therefore many like-minded people join our team for a common goal. Every achievement of our company owes to our staff's joint efforts. All along the way, we are interdependent, grateful and enterprising. We firmly believe that substantial and harmonious development of staff and organization is the necessity for realizing social and individual values. Following the Three "P" Spirits, we set higher goals, strive for excellence to build a brighter tomorrow. Let's fight together to create our own legend! 


Origin of English Name: Sinocharm is comprised of sino (China)+charm, which means Chinese charm. As our slogan says "following Chinese virtue, creating prominent quality", we try to provide the best goods and service to our customers. This is the Chinese charm of "Sinocharm", which is our lifelong mission.

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